2023 AMA Supercross San Diego Injury Report: 250SX & 450SX

2023 AMA Supercross San Diego Injury Report

2023 AMA Supercross San Diego Injury Report: 250SX & 450SX

2023 San Diego SX Injury Updates


After Oakland Supercross round 2 was postponed due to severe weather in California, the 2023 Supercross season will resume this weekend in San Diego, California. This is where you'll find out who's in and who's out. Check out the full injury report.

450SX INJURY Report

Benny Bloss - Tailbone | Out

During the opening race, Bloss crashed and broke his tailbone. He said in a video on Instagram that "we decided not to race San Diego this weekend." Bloss intends to perhaps make a comeback in the Anaheim 2 Supercross on January 28.

Kyle Chisholm – Illness | In

After being ill for two weeks, Chisholm was finally able to start riding again a few days ago. He is headed to San Diego.

Brandon Hartranft – Back, Shoulder, Hip, More | Out

Hartranft suffered a catastrophic injury when he fell face-first during a preseason practice. So he will not play in the San Diego SX race.

Marvin Musquin - Wrist | Out

According to Steve Matthes' report on Thursday, Musquin will be sidelined with a wrist injury, so he will not participate in the San Diego SX 2023.

Justin Rodbell – Achilles Tendon | Out

Justin Rodbell's right Achilles tendon was ripped while he was exercising in November, and as a result, he will probably miss the entirety of Supercross.

250SX Injury Report

Pierce Brown – Backside | In

 Pierce Brown got a significant hit to the backside after crashing at A1. He is headed to San Diego.

Austin Forkner – Knee | Out

Forkner hurt his knee in the first race of the season, so he won't be able to race for the rest of the supercross season.

Vince Friese – Banged Up | Out

Although we saw Friese using crutches at A1, we were unable to gain a detailed account of his injuries beyond the fact that he was "sidelined" for the opener. He won't be competing this weekend.

Kyle Greeson – Back | Out

A preseason L3 vertebra burst sidelined Greeson.

Carson Mumford – Wrist | Out

In November, Mumford broke his wrist. He will fill in at the Monster Energy Pro Circuit/Kawasaki in Oakland on February 18.


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