Anaheim 3 Supercross 2022 winners | 250SX & 450SX Results

Anaheim 3 Supercross 2022 winners

Anaheim 3 Supercross 2022 winners | 250SX & 450SX Results

Monster Energy Supercross Round 6 Results 2022


The 2022 season spares no drama, and each race created a sensation. The Anaheim 3 sixth round of the series has won by two repeat drivers, Jason Anderson and Christian Craig. There's no shortage of action, and we are here to tell you everything that happened at the track.

450 SX Main Event

Today's heat was just a precursor to the intense encounter at Anaheim 3. At the end of the 22-lap main event, Jason Anderson took the win.

250 SX Main Event

What a crazy night in the 250SX division it is the last West Coast round which runs for about a month. Next week, the series moves to the east, which will begin East Coast racing. Christian Craig and Garrett Marchbanks won early night heat races. Joe Shimoda was out of the heat competition and unfortunately didn't make it to the main event. Once again, Christian Craig has won the 250 SX main event race title. Check the full schedule below:


250SX WEST Results


Position Rider Interval
1 Christian Craig 16 Laps
2 Vince Friese 25.423
3 Michael Mosiman 30.169
4 Garrett Marchbanks 46.865
5 Carson Brown 49.789
6 Chrise Blose 54.679
7 Robbie Wageman 57.611
8 Derek Kelley 15 Laps
9 Logan Karnow 03.914
10 Ryan Surratt 08.959


450SX  Results

Positions Riders Interval
1 Jason Anderson 22 Laps
2 Eli Tomac 03.481
3 Justin Barcia 09.630
4 Malcom Stewart 16.973
5 Marvin Musquin 21.343
6 Dylan Ferrandis 28.692
7 Chase Sexton 33.331
8 Cooper Webb 40.552
9 Aaron Plessinger 43.689
10 Justin Brayton 48.010


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