Anaheim 2 Supercross 2022 Winners | 250SX & 450SX Results

Anaheim 2 Supercross 2022 Winners

Anaheim 2 Supercross 2022 Winners | 250SX & 450SX Results

Supercross Anaheim 2 Round 4 Results

Eli Tomac and Christian Craig won the top honors in the Supercross Anaheim 2 race on 29 January at Angle Stadium; both drivers started and finished the night with their respective red plates.

450SX  Main Event Results:

A new weekend and another new champion in the 450SX class, No, he's not the first to win, but the fourth different driver to win the same number of laps. Eli Tomac took his first win on the new Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha. Jason Anderson finished second, and Chase Sexton finished third.

250SX  Main Event Results:

The drivers have proven that they are the winners of the 2022 championship. Only two riders who have won the 250SX Main Event this season returned to Anaheim, with Christian Craig and Michael Mosiman winning. Craig eventually got the upper hand and picked up his third win of the season.

Christain Craig began his day with the fastest qualifying time, and both Mosiman and Craig won their respective Heat races.


250SX Results

Position Rider Interval
1 Christian Craig 16 Laps
2 Michael Mosiman 02.948
3 Hunter Lawrence 16.945
4 Nate Thrasher 23.396
5 Jalek Swoll 45.865
6 Carson Brown 50.552
7 Jo Shimoda 53.867
8 Carson Mumford 56.395
9 Robbie Wageman 1:01.748
10 Derek Kelley 1:09.971

450SX Results

Positions Rider Interval
1 Eli Tomac 20 Laps
2 Jason Anderson 04.619
3 Chase Sexton 06.644
4 Dylan Ferrandis 15.997
5 Malcom Stewart 18.695
6 Marvin Musquin 20.387
7 Justin Barcia 35.384
8 Cooper Webb 42.691
9 Dean Wilson 44.500
10 Shane Mcelrath 54.115


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