Supercross 2022 Preview For All Rounds | Live Stream & Replay

Supercross 2022 Preview For All Rounds Live Stream Replay

Supercross 2022 Preview For All Rounds | Live Stream & Replay

Monster Energy Supercross 2022 Season Preview


In a few weeks, the best drivers in the world will return to Monster Energy Supercross to start the 2022 season. This season is becoming another exciting part of this championship, and it never seems to let down. The first race will take place in Anaheim, California, on January 8th; this year's starting gate will look very different from last year. Here are all the outdoor movements ("silly season") throughout the sport.

There is no doubt Eli Tomac was the biggest change of this offseason. After winning three motocross titles and one Supercross title at Kawasaki, the previous winner now handed over the third-ranked license plate to Yamaha. This move did not surprise many people, because rumors have been circulating throughout the off-road motorcycle season that he will move at the end of the season. He will join Yamaha's Dylan Ferrandis, who won 450 championships during the Lucas Oil professional off-road motorcycle season. While Tomac drove a good race last season, he certainly didn't defend the title he was expecting. Perhaps this move to Yamaha is exactly what it takes to get the number 1 license plate back.

For Kawasaki, with Eli Tomac's exit, another former supercross winner arrived in "El Hombre" Jason Anderson. Anybody who's seen Jason Anderson win the race title in 2018 will tell you that he has looked different since then. He was injured early in the 2019 defending title, and the injury prevented him from participating in most of the season. Change is something Anderson feels he needs in his career. Just last season, he announced that he would no longer be with long-term coach Alden Baker. Joining this change now may result in Jason Anderson for another year like 2018.

It allows Husqvarna to occupy a vacant position in their team, and fans' favorite Malcolm Stewart climbing the ladder. Malcolm Stewart recognized for his lightning speed, left Monster Energy Yamaha and joined Rockstar Husqvarna. This move is reliable for Mookie, and many people in the sport think this move is very suitable for both parties. With the departure of Jason Anderson and the retirement of the 2020 450 off-road motocross champion Zach Osborne, Mookie also looks set to become Husqvarna's "handsome guy."

The last big step was another exit from Yamaha. This time Aaron Plessinger went to KTM. This step is a good time for Pressinger. Last season he had many moments in front of the herd. Accordingly, the trust must be very high. Combined with this fact, he may have seen the career transition of Cooper Webb after moving from Yamaha to KTM. A few years ago, Cooper Webb took the same move, and so far, it has become two supercross champions.

2022 will be an exciting year, and that's only level 450. Justin Cooper and Colt Nichols have defending champions in the 250 class. Not the easy job when you people like RJ Hampshire, Seth Hammaker, Austin Forkner, Jo Shimoda, Hunter Lawrence, Jett Lawrence, and many more are behind this number 1. Cooper Webb will also go all out, trying to grab his first place in the 450 class.


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