Fox Raceway Motocross Injury Report 2024: 450MX & 250MX


2024 AMA Pro Motocross Championship Round 1 Injury List


The 2024 AMA Pro Motocross Championship Round 1 will be held in Southern California at Fox Raceway on May 25, 2024. Here you can see the list of riders who missed the event due to injuries.

450 Class

Derek Drake – Back | Out

Due to a lower back ailment that worsened during Supercross, Drake is not available. After his operation, he intends to return for a few nationals at the end of the current campaign.

Derek Kelley – Arm | In

Kelley's fractured arm prevented him from competing in this supercross season. He will play in the Pro Motocross Round 1.

Christian Craig – Elbow | In

Craig's supercross season ended early due to a persistent elbow injury, but he will be back for the opening round.

Aaron Plessinger – Elbow | In

After breaking his elbow in Foxborough, Aaron Plessinger will be making a comeback to racing in the Pro Motocross Opener.

Cullin Park – Wrist | In

After fracturing his wrist in Detroit, Park will resume racing this coming weekend.

Cooper Webb - Thumb | Out

Cooper Webb's thumb was injured during the Birmingham Supercross round. So he is out from the Pro Motocross event. His team hopes he'll be back for the SMX rounds and the last three or four nationals.

Eli Tomac – Thumb | Out

After rupturing many ligaments and suffering a Bennett Fracture, Tomac underwent thumb surgery lately. The team hopes he'll be back for the SMX rounds and the last three or four nationals.


250 Class

Max Vohland – Hip | Out

Vohland had an extremely difficult recovery after surgery after dislocating his hip during the Supercross season. He is not coming to the opener.

Michael Mosiman - Neck | Out

Mosiman is seeing a doctor this week after suffering a neck injury. It is his first-season absence.

Austin Forkner – Spine, Scapula | Out

Due to a severe collision in Arlington, where he shattered his L3, L4, and scapula, hurt his shoulder socket, and suffered bleeding and bruises to his lungs, Forkner is currently out of commission.

Guillem Farres – Femur  | Out

Farres is currently in recovery after breaking his femur early in the Supercross season. There is no schedule for his comeback.

Jeremy Martin – Concussion | Out

Martin will miss the first game of the season due to two recent concussions.

Seth Hammaker – Banged Up | Out

Hammaker will not play in the first game following a practice accident.

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